Auckland: 19th September | Wellington: 21st September


  • Addressing changes to employment relations policies, government priorities and implications for employers.  


  • Ensure a fair and transparent recruitment process 
  • Prevent recruitment risks such as unlawful discrimination 
  • Understanding what accommodations are reasonable 
  • Hiring and promoting using AI and potential legal consequences 
  • The latest solutions to attract and retain high-performing employees 


Topics of discussion:
  • Anna Codin: Supporting neurodivergent employees in the workplace
  • Sherridan Cook: Union negotiation and bargaining processes 
  • Emma Peterson: Managing disciplinary processes 
  • Mike Mercer: Managing drugs and alcohol in the workplace 

  • Jordan Boyle: Sexual Harassment in the workplace 
  • Emma Peterson: Managing disciplinary processes 
  • Mike Mercer: Managing drugs and alcohol in the workplace 
  • Rachel Burt, Barrister & Workplace Reviewer: Restorative practice principles and facilitation work



  • Explore latest technologies in the workplace and issues around security e.g. ChatGPT 
  • Understand the latest workplace obligations around privacy  
  • How to monitor and track productivity without violating employee privacy 
  • Building a successful culture in a hybrid working environment 


  • Addressing developments in working arrangements, leave, and pay 
  • How to address pay gaps in your organisation and address issues around rising cost of living issues 
  • Risk factors to consider for agile, hybrid and remote working environments 



  • Practical session to work through a scenario around managing an ill or injured employee from start to resolution, leveraging case law examples and real-world practical strategies to manage an ill or injured worker and mitigate the risk of claim


  • Addressing duty of care obligations and mental health risks for a remote, hybrid and flexible workforce   
  • Identifying workforce issues leading to employee fatigue and burnout  
  • Developing systems to support the recognition of psychosocial hazards, psychological risk, mental health warning signs, domestic violence risk and other workplace risks  



As the impact of the pandemic and its effects have a lessening impact on labour markets and workplaces  
throughout Asia Pacific, the changes brought about during that period continue to evolve. As we look to the  
future, many challenges will remain across the region. 
This session will cover:    
  • Key legislative and case-law developments for APAC jurisdictions    
  • APAC trends: workers in offshore jurisdictions – employment and tax issues   
  • Post pandemic workplace issues across APAC – the new normal 


  • Common workplace contributors to performance issues   
  • Investigating common legal claims & performance process related risks   
  • Designing sound performance improvement processes  
  • Crucial and effective conversations during the performance pathway